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Our main products manage impounded vehicles parking yards and automate the process of filling vehicle impoundment documents.

They are designed for smartphones, websites and our own platform (Digital Tow/Impound Record). Our solutions are adaptable to the specifics of each service.



We develop systems with exclusive features to suit your needs.

Web Systems

Keeping your data and processes always accessible can be the greatest asset to your business.

Monitoring and CCTV

Security and information are fundamental. We offer monitoring services and CCTV instalation and maintenance

Mobile Apps

Mobile technology offers untold advantages. Work online or offline, with the right tool always at hand.


We offer support to all of our products and services. Our commitment is to ensure their quality.

Link Pátios is a powerful system that controls all stages of parking yard management.

  • Supports all business rules and applicable laws, respecting the specifics of each client
  • Manages vehicle services rendering
  • Transforms MONO into MULTI


Record filling
average time

Designed for Android smartphones, and to be used offline, GRV Mobile automate the vehicle impoundment process.

  • Minimizes mistakes during tow/impound record filling
  • Speeds the process, from the vehicle impoundment to its release


Transport Fleet Management

Tools for better control and inspection of transport fleet services, all integrated into one single system.

Electronic Ticket

A portable and completely digital system, designed to speed up the notice of infraction process and to facilitate traffic management. Makes the process fast, safe and more transparent.

Link Monitor

Monitor your fleet in real time. Track your operations and define management strategies with confidence. Know with more efficiency where and when to act. Take decisions based on solid data.

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